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  The team behind SMOOTH CAMERA GEAR (SCG) started to design camera support gear since 2005.

  In 2018, SCG fluid heads T8 was officially released.


  By combining the most powerful supply chain in the Zhujiang River Delta with our team's decades-long expertise in designing camera support equipment, T8 proved its unparalleled value and had 100% positive responses from its users.  

  SCG is the world's only video fluid head tripod brand that manifestly guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Try SCG product to experience in getting the silk smooth footage the simple way for two weeks. If you're not 100% satisfied, return it to get your money back. You need not get our pre approval to do so. And we will pay for the return courier cost. (For how to arrange for return in an easy way, please refer to our return policy at store policy page.)

SCG Logo upgraded

White on Transparent.png
New Logo
SCG ouyang 透明背景.png
Old Logo

  Thanks to the strong responses we receive from our customers, SCG continues to fare well in the past three quarters of 2020. The new fresh logo represents a new stage for us in bringing our true fluid head tripods to more professionals in video making who need the very right equipment to get the silk smooth footage in an easy way. And SCG will continue to do that with our guarantee for 100% satisfaction.

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