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Welcome to Video Tripod School by SCG design team!

by ChenJason 22 Nov 2023

--the one stop place to help you pick the right tripod for your job.

The core members of the SCG design team have been developing video tripods since 2003 and have created models that are among the world's best-selling video tripods. With decades of experience and acquired knowledge, we can confidently say that we understand all types of video tripods, their designs, and applications inside out.

Choosing the right video tripod for creative work remains a challenging question for camera operators, videographers, filmmakers, and other tripod users. To address this, the SCG design team will share their experience and knowledge to demystify video tripods from an application perspective.

Our focus will be on providing general knowledge about video tripods, their features, and applications, enabling readers to select the right gear for their work. While specific models may be mentioned and the build quality discussed, we assure you that our opinions will always be subjective and neutral.

We will update our content at least weekly. However, if you can't wait for answers to your questions, please ask them by leaving a comment or feel free to contact us by emailing contact@scg-pro.com, attention to the SCG design team.

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