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The Quest the Perfect Tripods: Why It's Tougher Than You Think

by SCG Design Team 22 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Have you ever walked into a store or browsed an online catalog for a camera tripod, only to find yourself scratching your head in confusion? Why is choosing the right camera tripod for your work, which seems like a simple task, actually so complex? Here are the reasons:

  • Too Many Options

    The market is awash with thousands of tripod models from various brands. Prices can range from well under $100 to over $20,000. Load capacities can be as low as a couple of kilos (Magnus VT-100 Tripod) and climb to be over 100kg (Sachtler VIDEO 90 ). The technology used can vary drastically, from simple designs involving three tubes with a screw connection on top only suitable for static support, possibly unsafely in doing so, to complex assemblies comprising hundreds of different parts made of metals, rubber, fluids, and lubricants, which offer the most stable, smooth, delicate, and precise movements in all directions and angles. The build quality of these options also varies significantly. Some of the best can last for years or even decades, while others might fail straight out of the box. While having options is generally a good thing, too many can be overwhelming and make the decision-making process more complex.

  • Your Unique Needs

    Every videographer or filmmaker has unique shooting needs and styles, which directly influence the kind of tripod they need. Factors such as the shooting environment, camera weight, desired mobility, and the type of shots (like pan, tilt, static, etc.) can drastically alter what features are needed in a tripod. This makes it challenging to find a single tripod model versatile enough to cater to all these requirements.

    For example, if you're shooting a skiing contest in a ski resort, the tripod you need will be significantly different from the one you'd use for an interview. The tripod must be sturdy and stable to ensure your shots are sharp and clear, especially since you'll be capturing fast-paced action. Simultaneously, it needs to be lightweight and easy to set up since you'll have to frequently move around to capture different angles while dressed in bulky winter attire. Last but not least, the tripod should perform well in low temperatures. Not all tripods excel in cold environments, as their lubricants might freeze, and their fluid heads could become stuck. We will discuss tripod selection in detail for different working conditions in coming months.

  • Technical Knowledge

    Understanding the technical specifications and how they affect the functionality and performance of the camera tripod requires a certain level of technical knowledge. This includes payload capacity(counterbalanced capacity and safety capacity), fluid heads, counterbalance systems (incremental and constant setting), fluid drag for tilt and pan (incremental and constant setting), leg types (Single Tube, Twin Tube, Non-Tubular), and materials(carbon fiber and aluminum), among others. A lack of understanding of these specifications can complicate the process of choosing the right tripod.

  • Budget Limit

    As previously mentioned, the price range of video tripods spans from under $100 to over $20,000. If budget is no object, you might opt for the most expensive model that suits your shooting needs. Unfortunately, not everyone has deep pockets. Balancing cost with the necessary features and quality of the tripod can be challenging for those on a tight budget who don't want to compromise on quality and functionality.

  • Future Needs

    Future needs are easy to be ignored while constrained by current needs. But, as videographers progress in their career, their gear often gets upgraded or changes based on their evolving project needs. The camera rig can become heavier or bigger while a bigger lens is adopted or extra accessories are added. A tripod that might be suitable for a current camera setup might not be ideal for a future one. This makes it challenging to choose a tripod that is versatile and durable enough to accommodate future needs.

In the months ahead, our Camera Tripod School will tackle all these challenges and guide you on your journey to choose the best camera tripod that gives you the best value for your money. We'll demystify technical specifications, help you understand your own shooting needs, and empower you to make the best decision for your videography journey.

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