Precision Engineered for the Smoothest Shots

The SCG T6 is designed to acquire the smoothest cinematic shots with its advanced fluid drag and counterbalance system. Its all-alloy construction is built for maximum reliability, ensuring years of consistent performance, whether you are shooting documentaries, sports or corporate videos.

8-Step Wide and Fine-Tuned Counterbalance:

Perfect for 0-7kg Camera Setups

  • Precise and Effortless Camera Control
  • Wide Payload Range

The 8-step fine-tuned counterbalance could perfectly offset your camera weight at any shooting position for precise and effortless camera control.

SCG T6 fluid head with payload capacity from 0-7kg, perfect for both lightweight cameras and more substantially rigged professional setups.

DoubleSafe Side-Load Quick Release Platform

  • One-second Camera Mounting & Release
  • Compatible with Manfrotto 501/ Sachtler FSB Plate
  • 12cm/4.7'' Sliding Plate Range

Dual Replaceable Rosettes

Design for left or right handle modes and extending service life

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