Precision Engineered for Ultra-Smooth Shots

The SCG T8 is engineered to capture ultra-smooth cinematic shots with its advanced fluid drag and counterbalance system delivering precise and smooth camera control. Its ergonomic design ensures effortless operation, allowing filmmakers to focus on creativity rather than be constrained by complex equipment. Constructed from high-grade alloy, the SCG T8 guarantees maximum reliability for years of consistent performance, whether shooting indie films, documentaries, sports, or corporate videos.

4-Level Advanced Fluid Drag System

Featuring smooth, consistent, and repeatable panning and tilting at three different levels plus 0, the SCG T8's advanced fluid drag system ensures precise camera control to capture ultra-smooth shots, essential in the art of visual storytelling.

8-Step Wide and Fine-tuned Counterbalance

With a wide counterbalanced payload capacity of 2-10kg, the SCG T8 fluid head is capable of accomodating a diverse range of equipment, from lightweight cameras to larger, fully-equipped professional systems. This ensures smooth operation across various setups, no matter their complexity.
The finely tuned 8 steps of adjustment can perfectly counterbalance the weight of your camera rig at ANY shooting angle, ensuring precise and effortless control over your footage.

Built for Long Service Life

The SCG T8, with its body, side panels, and all control levers made from aircraft-grade alloy, ensures utmost reliability, a long service life, and resilience in demanding conditions.

SCG DoubleSafe Quick Release Platform

  • Quick Release
  • Double Security Design
  • Long Sliding Distance

SCG side-load technology enables even quicker and easier camera mounting and switching compared to rear-inserting systems.

This platform sets the industry's highest standard for secure and seamless camera operation.

The platform's 12cm long sliding distance, coupled with a double-security design, ensures camera safety and accommodates both rear-heavy and front-heavy camera setups

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