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SCG T8 Video Fluid Head

SCG T8 Video Fluid Head

SKU: H002

SCG T8, with its load capacity up to 8kg, is designed for providing secure support and excellent damping (silk smooth tilting and panning fluid drag) for larger DSLR, mirrorless MFT cameras and pro-style cameras such as SONY FS series, Blackmagic URSA Mini/Pro and Canon C200/300 Mk II.


Cameras are mounted with 1/4-20" or 3/8-20" screw, using a slide-in balancing plate. The head, with sliding range of 10cm, is very versatile and adaptible to variously configured rigs.


    COUNTERBALANCED LOAD CAPACITY:       8 steps for 1-8kg

    TRUE FLUID DRAG:                                           3 Steps + 0 Pan/Tilt Drag

    MOUNTING BASE:                                            75mm ball

    PLATE SLIDING RANGE:                                  10cm

    OPERATING TEMPERATURE:                          -40/+60 °C

    TILT RANGE:                                                      +90°/-80°

    PAN RANGE:                                                     360°

    BUBBLE LEVEL:                                               Iluminated

    STRUCTURAL MATERIAL:                              Alloy

    WEIGHT:                                                            2.2kg


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